Essential Steps to Prep Your Furnace for Winter

With colder weather looming just around the corner, now’s the time to ready your furnace for winter in Norfolk, VA. With just a few simple steps, you can ensure your family enjoys reliable and energy-efficient heating all season long.

Drop in a Fresh Furnace Filter

Do you regularly check your HVAC filter and clean or replace it whenever it gets dirty? If not, swapping it out for a new air filter should be your top winter prep priority. Clean filters promote smooth and efficient airflow, spreading heat evenly throughout your home and reducing wear and tear on your furnace. Best of all, they’re affordable and easy to install in just a few minutes.

Prepare Your Home for Heating Season

Before you fire up your heating system, it’s important to take a few basic safety precautions. First, clear any clutter within three feet of your furnace and check the air vents around your home for obstructions. Next, test your fire and carbon monoxide alarms and replace any batteries that may be low. Finally, set your thermostat to heating mode and make sure that your temperature settings are programmed appropriately for winter.

Schedule a Seasonal Furnace Tune-Up

The most crucial step in preparing your furnace for winter is the easiest: just pick up the phone! With one call, you can set yourself up for an entire winter’s worth of cozy and dependable comfort. Seasonal heating tune-ups offer total reassurance and peace of mind, optimizing energy efficiency and helping to prevent costly furnace repairs. Many manufacturer warranties also require regular service visits, so you’ll be covered in the event of an unforeseen equipment failure.

At Hats Off Heating & Cooling, we take pride in caring for our customers. If you’re ready to start prepping your furnace for winter, call today and let our HVAC maintenance pros lend a helping hand.

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