Norfolk, VA Heating: Why Is Cleaning Your Furnace Important?

If you don’t include furnace cleaning in your Norfolk, VA, home maintenance schedule, you’re making a big mistake. It’s easy to forget this until a significant problem develops and you’re faced with a substantial repair bill. Here are some reasons why you should have a strict furnace cleaning routine.


As a furnace heats your home, it picks up dust and other debris that ends up sticking to the filter. Accumulation of particles decreases performance. Regular cleaning and replacing the air filters will restore your furnace’s smooth functionality.

It will also reduce the time a furnace takes to heat your home. Our service techs can help you develop a furnace cleaning routine to boost efficiency.

Saves Money

As previously mentioned, routine air filter replacements will allow your furnace to continue doing its job effectively. Any type of strain will require more energy and more time to heat your home.

Air Quality

Our highly qualified service techs will make sure to remove any buildup of dust inside the burners. After we’re done, you’ll feel the difference in your house as the air quality will improve. Performing this simple task will allow you to maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment at home.

Detects Potential CO2 Leaks

Did you know that gas has no odor or color? It’s true, so yearly furnace cleaning is imperative and should be performed by a licensed HVAC company. If there’s a leak in your heating system, that could pose a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Quiet Home

Furnaces are not entirely silent, but if the noise goes beyond a certain level, then it means that maintenance is overdue. Some of the essential components could be loose or dislodged. The important thing is to have it evaluated by a trained heating service tech as soon as possible.

Contact our team at Hats Off Heating & Cooling for the best furnace repair services in the area. We also provide a full range of residential and light commercial HVAC services, including geothermal installations, AC installations, and more.

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