Debunking 4 Myths About Geothermal HVAC Systems

Geothermal HVAC systems allow you to live in year-round comfort no matter the weather outside. These systems utilize a series of buried pipes that take advantage of the consistent temperatures four to six feet below your home. Keep reading to learn more about the common myths associated with geothermal HVAC systems in Portsmouth, VA.

1. Geothermal Systems Need Big Yards

Many believe geothermal HVAC systems need a lot of yard space to bury the polyethylene earth loops. However, experienced service techs can install these components vertically, using very little above-ground space. If there’s an available aquifer, the system will require only a few feet of your yard at most.

2. Only Provide Heating

Recent HVAC advancements have allowed modern heat pumps to provide heating and cooling. An HVAC service tech can even engineer your geothermal system so that it doesn’t require an additional heat source. In most cases, utilizing a backup will allow you to use a smaller underground loop.

3. Wear Out Quickly

The earth loops attached to your geothermal system can last for generations. The other equipment required during the heat exchange process will keep you comfortable for decades. Expert maintenance is an excellent way to catch any system issues along the line before they develop into costly problems.

4. Use Excessive Amounts of Water

Geothermal systems that tap into an aquifer use no water. Modern systems return the water used during the heating process back to the aquifer.

They don’t wear out quickly, conserve precious water, and can be built in smaller yards. At the same time, they’re quiet and reliable indoor systems that can keep your family comfortable for decades.

If this blog piqued your interest, give Hats Off Heating & Cooling a call now. We are one of the few local companies specializing in geothermal heating and cooling system technology.

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