5 Heating Noises to Never Ignore in Portsmouth, VA

A well-maintained and fully functioning heating system is crucial to the comfort level in your Portsmouth, VA, home. Pay attention to odd noises. They indicate the need for a heating system repair, tune-up, or replacement.

Vibrating and Thumping Noises

When you hear vibrations and loud thumping noises, the motor or blower wheel may be unbalanced. Also, loose parts — including the access panel and framing — produce strange noises, while unsecured ductwork near the heater causes noisy vibrations. All of these noises can be present in older and newer furnaces, regardless of equipment upgrades.

Constant Buzzing Sound

You’ll probably hear a continuous buzzing sound when there’s a problem with the capacitor or the fan in your home’s heating system. When one of these two parts isn’t working correctly, it hinders other parts of the HVAC system from operating at their full potential.

To ensure your heater is running at maximum efficiency, call on a certified service tech. They have the tools and equipment required to diagnose the problem and locate the part in need of repair or replacement.

Banging Noise During Startup

Hearing a loud bang during the startup of your HVAC system is cause for immediate concern. A dirty furnace burner is usually the problem because it allows gas buildup. The result could be damage to the heater exchanger and a carbon monoxide leak.

Squealing Noises

Try to inspect your furnace setup when you hear it squeal. Typically, the squealing noise is because of a lack of lubricant in the shaft bearing or a worn-out blower belt, especially if your furnace is on the older side. The sound may also be a sign that there is a problem with the blower motor.

Scraping Sounds

Scraping sounds come from metal scraping against metal. The likely cause is a loose motor mount separated from its casing. If you address the problem immediately, it’ll only need repair. But if you let the system operate like that for too long, you’ll need to have the motor mount replaced.

If your heating system is malfunctioning and you hear some funky sounds that don’t sound normal, call the team at Hats Off Heating & Cooling. We’ll schedule a maintenance visit and figure out the likely cause and provide effective solutions.

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