5 Reasons Why Your AC Is Making Strange Noises

An air conditioner is vital in keeping your Chesapeake, VA, home comfortable during the warm summer weather. Without it, your entire household will be incredibly uncomfortable. But sometimes, it can start to make strange noises that may be concerning. Some of the most common reasons for such noises include the following.

1. Dirty Condenser Coil

A dirty condenser coil outside your home can cause rattling or buzzing noises. This can happen when dirt and debris accumulate on the coil over time, leading to an imbalance in airflow and vibrating noises.

2. Loose Parts

You may hear a loud knocking when an air conditioner’s parts are loose due to wear and tear. The cause could also be due to loose screws or bolts that an HVAC service tech can tighten up.

3. Clogged Drain Line

If your home’s air conditioner is making a gurgling noise, it might be due to excess moisture. The moisture arises from a clogged drain line, hole, or crack in the drainage pipe, responsible for carrying water away from the condenser. One of the perks of getting your cooling system serviced is cleaning the drain line.

4. Worn-Out Fan Motors

A worn-out fan motor in your air conditioner can cause a loud grinding noise due to the metal blades scraping against one another or other components. This is a sign that you need to replace the motor as soon as possible to keep your AC running smoothly.

5. Defective Switch

A contractor relay switch plays an important role in starting the outdoor condenser unit immediately after it receives a signal from the thermostat. However, if it has a defect, you might notice a humming sound inside your air conditioner.

If you hear any strange noises coming from your AC, contact us at Hats Off Heating & Cooling for professional assistance. An experienced service tech will diagnose the problem and recommend a viable solution.

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